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Vilamoura Uptown Project

| 21 December 2016

Vilamoura World has two new projects for next year with an investment totalling approx 90 million euros, These include the Fairways and Uptown developments.

The Fairways is a residential project in the heart of Vilamoura, next to the Millenium and Laguna golf courses comprising of 85 residential units. On the other side and in the northwest area of ​​Vilamoura, there will be the Uptown project, comprisiong 240 residential units, 47 of which are tourist, boutique hotel and a 7,000m² commercial area, which intend to offer an alternative to the marina area, notes the company in Press Release .

This project will develope in 3 phases. The first phase of the commercialization of its projects is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

On the other hand, as well as being part of the implementation and development of the 400-hectare plan of Vilamoura, it is 50% completed the construction of the project, Orangerie II, representing an investment of about 10 million euros. It is a luxury residential condominium surrounded by Victoria and Millenium golf courses, 5 minutes from the beach and the marina of Vilamoura. It includes 32 accommodation units, including 8 apartments T1 to T3, 18 T2 villas with private garden and interior patios and 6 3 bedroom villas with private pool. With the commercialization of Garvetur, this venture should be completed in the first half of next year.

At the same time, Vilamoura World has a specific investment program for the marina of around 500,000 euros, renewing this infrastructure and the 'commitment to tourism'. "We intend to continue to modernize the marina, preparing it for the summer of 2017, so that it can still be recognized as the Best 5-Anchored International Marina," read the company's press release.

"It is with great enthusiasm that every day we work to reposition Vilamoura in the national and international real estate and tourism landscape, affirming it as one of the best destinations in Southern Europe", comments Juan Gómez Vega, CEO of Vilamoura World.

The masterplan of Vilamoura, presented in September last year, provides for the construction of more than 4,000 residential units in the 18 development areas of the project, designed for the next 10 years.

Vilamoura World lÓrangerie

Buying Property | 20 July 2016

At the heart of the Algarve in Portugal, Vilamoura is a special destination and lifestyle experience that has been enjoyed for more than 50 years. Vilamoura is about a quality and integrity of environment that delivers an exceptional range of lifestyle choices and leisure opportunities with spectacular beaches, renowned championship golf courses, world-class equestrian facilities, an award-winning marina, water sports and tennis. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Vilamoura is a place that enriches life. Vilamoura Life 12 Waves Guide Vilamoura Issue #8 - 2016 www.waves.pt Today, 10,000 permanent residents live in Vilamoura's - villas, townhouses and apartments. Vilamoura has 12 hotels with 40,000 beds, which attracts over 500,000 visitors per year. Vilamoura’s living and vacation developments are supported by an extensive infrastructure that includes health and education all surrounded by a stunning natural environment. In June, Vilamoura World announced the launch of l’Orangerie phase II, a luxury residential development in Vilamoura. Set in seven hectares of mature parkland in Vilamoura, l’Orangerie is an impressive development offering a mix of high-specification apartments, townhouses, and Villas. The second phase of l’Orangerie brings 32 exquisite new homes to the market, including six 3-bedroom villas with private pools, eighteen 2-bedroom detached houses with private gardens plus enclosed patios, and eight 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments overlooking the sea. For more information www.lorangerie.pt or call +351 289 310 900

Fire Safety

| 20 July 2016

FIRE SAFETY Be Aware. Every year the Algarve suffers from wildfires that damage rural areas and threaten lives. Please use common sense when in the Algarve especially in regards to Smoking and take note of the following guidelines. Between 1 July and 30 September, and if there is a forecast of a high or very high forest fire risk (available on a daily basis at www.ipma.pt), it is forbidden to: • Light bonfires (camp fires) for pleasure or leisure • Use of fuel, matches, gas or other dangerous materials for lighting or meal preparation • Burn vegetation that was cut and stacked • Releasing fire balloons or any other kind of fireworks • Smoke or use a lighter in forest areas

Luxury Cruises and Charters

Things to do | 06 May 2016

Algarve Luxury Cruises and Charters

We are here to help you make the very most of your stay in the Algarve. To this point we offer a selection of luxury and basic cruise options. The Algarve is the perfect place to enjoy a Yacht Charter and we have something for every taste and budget. 

Here we list a selection of boats available, we are always adding more cruises and yachts to broaden our services so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for here then drop us an enquiry and we will be sure to get back to you with a charter option.


Luxury Charter Boats in Vilamoura, and the Algarve more broadly, have restrictions of 8-10 passengers generally. This is due to restrictions in the licences here in Portugal. For larger groups we always offer a choice of taking 2 luxury boats or working with one of our activity boat options. These are basic boats but it means that the group need not be split and the price need not be doubled.  Algarve Yacht Charters are numerous and flexible, we are here to help you and guide you to the best choice of charter or cruise for your group. 

Sushi Cruises

Why not upgrade your trip with our amazing Sushi!  Vilamoura sushi cruises are suitable for the sunset cruise in particular. Its a great way to celebrate a special occasion having a sushi cruise at sunset fromt he award winning Vilamoura marina. 

We offer a fine selection of Sushi to make the special occasion even more memorable.   

All Sushi cruises include unlimited wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks and beer. 

Send us your groups size and tell us the occasion and we can build the Sushi Cruise for you!

Vilamoura Events Guide

Things to do | 29 April 2016

2nd Vilamoura
Eco Half Marathon
14th of May

Heart Race 2016
24th of April

II Vilamoura International
26th of November

II Half Marathon
of Algarve - Vilamoura
27th of November

Equestrian Center
Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
19th of February
to 7th of April

Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
24th of September
to 18th of October

Portugal Masters
(Oceânico Victoria)
20th to 23rd of October

Vilamoura Tennis Academy
Padel Nations Cup in 2016
8/9th of August

Stage 1 of the Algarve
Surf Circuit 2016
- 6/7th of February


Carnival Regatta
9th to 11th of February

15th to 19th of April

Optimistic, Laser
14th of May

Marinas Regattas - ORC Cruise
21/22nd of May

Dom Pedro Hotels Trophy
SB3 Amadeus Cup
23rd to 25th of April

Vilamoura World Trophy -
16th to 19th of June

2016 Optimist
World Championship
25th of June to 4th of July

XII Regatta Commodores -
Cruises ORC
24/25th of September


VTalks Philip Allen - Abu
Dhabi Ocean Racing
- 7th of February

Village Market
- Easter - 25/26th of March
- Summer - August

VTalks Sandra Correia -
- 21st of March

Beach Sports Day
- 7th of May

Algarve Nature Week 2016
- 13th to 15th of May

(Ride of the Dunes)
Algarve Classic Cars 2016
- July

Vilamoura Cycle Chic
- August


Local Transport | 29 April 2016

+351 289 389 143
Quarteira bus station operates many routes
across the Algarve, several of these pick up in
Vilamoura. The easiest bus stops to find are
just in front of the main Jaffers Supermarket,
near to Patacas. (See map) Timetables can be
downloaded from the website.

Vilamoura World

Marina | 25 September 2015

At a press conference in Vilamoura on the 8th September 2015, Lone Star Funds announced the new vision for Vilamoura. The American equity firm purchased Vilamoura earlier in the year and has ambitious plans to transform Vilamoura into Europe’s leading resort. If the plans weren’t impressive enough then the timescale certainly is, the “vision” is expected to be completed within 5-7 years! At the core of the new plans are 18 projects spread over a 400 hectare site categorised as retail, tourism, housing and leisure. Five new hotels will offer a huge boost to Vilamoura in addition to the revised version of the previous “Cidade Lacustre/Lake City” project. 22 Waves Guide Vilamoura Issue #6 - 2015/16 www.waves.pt VILAMOURA WORLD A key component of the new plans include a €20million “iconic building” at the marina entrance, described as something that will become a part of the brand and be internationally recognized as “Vilamoura”. The “Yacht Club” will incorporate restaurants, commercial space and a gym into the design. The Project represents a huge €1billion investment and although only partially funded by Lone Star, they are very confident that investors will continue to be attracted by this great opportunity. The future of Vilamoura is looking very bright indeed, and we are all looking forward to watching the projects unfold.

Something For Everyone!

Food and Drink | 22 April 2015

Hidden Treasure

Patacas is a great “local” bar established in 1987 and located just behind the marina. This is a “must find” on day one of your stay. With a pool table, great staff, €2.00 happy hour pints until 8.30pm and the warmest of welcomes it would be rude not to!


Most bars in town show live sports and follow the major sporting events. Some good venues include the 19th hole, O’neills and the Hole In One all on the marina itself. The Brewery is the new bar in town also showing all games live.

Live Music

“The 19th Hole” on the Marina really rocks after 10.00pm with a mixture of Live Bands and Karaoke hosted by the infamous “Si Frater”. (morning show host on the Algarve’s “Kissfm). Great ‘holiday memories’ guaranteed!


Hamburger Heaven! Tuttapanna Hamburgueria offers an awesome selection of homemade burgers at very reasonable prices. You also can choose from a wide selection of original ice-creams. Not to be missed!

Health and Well-being in Vilamoura

Things to do | 16 April 2015

Vilamoura is simply the perfect place to improve your health and quality of life. It’s the place where there are no longer any excuses to put off getting in shape. The obvious motivator is the weather which encourages even the most stubborn couch potato to get up and go for a stroll, but we also have an amazing array of facilities right here on our doorstep. Vilamoura is a hugely popular winter training ground with northern European countries in particular. We see a wide variety of sports people here including running clubs, football teams, cycling teams, and many professional, even national, rugby teams. Cycling, jogging and walking are excellent ways to explore Vilamoura. On your journey you will also discover a series of exercise stations that have been provided with guidelines on how to use them. Some of the stations also have water fountains to top up the tank on those warmer summer days. Vilamoura continues to promote health and wellbeing through a comprehensive calendar of events each year, the newest event being the “Eco-Marathon” which was held at the beginning of March 2015. The Eco-Marathon offered a series of events the main ones being the 10km run and the 21km half marathon. With over 1000 participants at the inaugural event we are sure to see this become an annual fixture and grow year on year. Let’s not forget that in addition to the above, we have a fantastic tennis academy, equestrian centre, swimming facilities, golf and the world class 7spa to wind down after it all. For more information on upcoming events just pop into the Inframoura office. 

Getting Around

Local Transport | 29 September 2014

Vilamoura covers approximately 20km square. Walking is a great way to get from place to place but don´t underestimate distances. We have spent days walking around Vilamoura to provide the following guide for you.

Setting off from the Tivoli Hotel on the Marina it takes about:

  • 20 Minutes to The Old Village
  • 25 Minutes to The Hilton Hotel
  • 15 Minutes to Falesia Beach
  • 30 Minutes to The Tivoli Victoria
  • 10 Minutes to the Police Station
  • 40 Minutes to the EN125

You may have noticed the “Public Bikes” scattered across Vilamoura? These are operated by Inframoura and are an ideal way to beat the traffic in the summer. There are currently 37 stations and over 200 bikes covering the Vilamoura area with more stations on the way. They are a great example of Vilamoura ´s commitment to creating a “national quality of life reserve”. To use the bikes however, a card is required from Inframoura. These cards are only available to property owners here in Vilamoura. In some cases your hotel or accommodate on can provide a card for use.


Bus - Vilamoura is on a route running east to west across the Algarve. Timetables can be downloaded from www.eva-bus.com or call (00351) 289389143

Linha Verde – “The Green Line” is a circular bus route encompassing Quarteira and Vilamoura  www.LCglobal.pt/pt/    (Click the Green Bus logo) Tickets are purchased from the driver. Approx €0.75/person

White Bikes – User cards are available to property owners in Vilamoura only. Information http://www.inframoura.pt/ing/public-bikes  or visit the Inframoura office.

Tourist Train – A seasonal circular shuttle in Vilamoura operated by two separate companies. Information from Vila Gale Ampalius Hotel or at the Family Golf Park. Seasonal Timetables. Approx €3.50/person 

Taxi – There are 2 taxi ranks, one is in front of the Casino, and the other is in front of Hel´s Kitchen. (Number 7 on the map) (00351) 289 300 160 

Scooter Rental – Daily weekly rates. www.wavesscooters.com 00351 910109089

Enjoying your stay…Why go home?

Buying Property | 29 September 2014

Enjoying your stay…Why go home? 
Whether this is your first time in Vilamoura, or you are a regular visitor, it is a general consensus amongst tourists that Vilamoura is a great place to be! Boasting over 300 days of sunshine per year, great beaches and some of Europe’s finest golf, it is no surprise that many people choose to take the next step and buy a property here.  
Some buyers are looking for a winter escape from the harsh Northern European climate. Some are looking to make an improvement to their quality of life.   Combine the obvious “lifestyle” benefits with a buoyant rental and tourism market and you can rest assured that buying in Vilamoura represents a good investment. 

Welcome to http://www.portugalproperty.com 

PortugalProperty.com is arguably one of the most successful Real Estate companies in Portugal and Vilamoura is our choice for a head Office.  Vilamoura wasn’t chosen because the number crunchers said statistically it was the best place to open an office, it was chosen because the Directors and Managers of the company live work and play here. Welcome to our home! 
So, where do you start? Simply call in at one of our offices and collect a free “Buyers Guide”.   You can also start browsing right now on www.portugalproperty.com . There are over 600 properties to choose from, whatever your budget. So contact us today and use our knowledge to find you the right property. 


White Bikes

Local Transport | 29 September 2014

 Vilamoura has both a mild climate and a flat landscape so it is the ideal place to use bicycles for travelling around.
The Public Bikes - Fondly referred to as the “White Bikes” are now in their third year and have been a welcome addition to Vilamoura. The shared bike system offers pollution free convenience and reduces traffic, not to mention the obvious health benefits in encouraging people to be more active. 

The bicycles are designed exclusively for Vilamoura and are manufactured using 
materials of the highest quality and safety standards. They were specifically made for ease of handling and convenience.The network covers the whole of Vilamoura, 
both its business/tourist and residential areas, and the system is designed to allow users to rent bicycles and return them to any station, therefore avoiding the need to go to a central point to collect or return them. There are over 
35 stations spread across Vilamoura with over 200 bikes available for use.

The Public Bikes, operated by Inframoura, are currently available only to property owners and customers of Inframoura. Some hotel receptions may also have cards available for you to use. 

For more information visit the Inframoura office 
next to the Police station

Weddings in the Sun

Marina | 23 September 2014

Recently more and more international couples are looking at The Algarve as a venue for their big day.Many factors are an influence with the obvious ones being the sunshine and stunning backdrop, the photo opportunities alone being priceless. 
Weddings in The Algarve prove very memorable as the guests also feel like 
they are on a honeymoon of sorts.Vilamoura is growing in popularity, with locations such as The Thai Beach Club offering wonderful catering and the ocean as a backdrop, then we have Casa do Largo in The Old Village that can plan the 
entire event for you from the horse drawn carriage to the entertainment.

It may seem an expensive option, but in actual fact it can work out to be better 
financially with the average wedding cost in the UK predicted to be £17853 for 2014. 
The exchange rate is also in your favour so why not consider starting married life in 
the most positive way?


photo courtesy of DCPhotography

The Famous Five

Golf | 23 September 2014

Golf Focus – Vilamoura Courses


The Old Course

Opened in 1969 and completely renovated some 27 years later, this is the “Grande Dame” of Algarve courses. The Old Course meanders through impressive pine trees over gently undulating natural terrain, the pine trees offering the principal hazard. The addition of the new clubhouse and putting green only increased the attraction of this favourite Vilamoura course.


Inaugurated in 1976 and designed by Frank Pennink, the architect of the nearby “Vilamoura Old Course”. The course has had several refinements over the years. It is typified by the “Umbrella and Atlantic Pines” that line many of the fairways. Ponds and a stream come into play on five holes but are not serious threats to the above average golfer.



This conventional Par-72 course opened in the year 2000. Millenium is without question one of the most beautiful courses ever built in Portugal. Boasting excellent integration into the natural surroundings with sympathetic and well thought-out landscaping, the care taken in designing this great course is very evident.


Unlike the other Vilamoura courses, Laguna is located on relatively flat and open terrain. The strategic placement of bunkers and water hazards demand high accuracy of play. The child of American designer Joseph Lee, the first 9 holes were inaugurated in 1990, the back 9 were ready for play in 1993.


Victoria Clube de Golfe is the most ambitious golf project in Portugal. Victoria aims to be one of the finest courses in Europe and is not far away thanks to famed architect Arnold Palmer. The man made lakes provide hazards and also reservoirs for irrigation illustrating the innovative design.

Current home of the Portugal masters, Victoria is a must play course for any visitor.


For more information http://www.oceanicogolf.com


Congratulations to the "Grande Dame"!

Golf | 23 September 2014

A great testament to the high standards of golfing in Vilamoura was evident in this recent press release from Oceânico. “OCEÂNICO OLD COURSE VOTED BEST 
This is a huge vote of confidence from the readers of the UK´s number one Golf Magazine – “Today´s Golfer” The accolade is a just reward for Oceânico Golf’s dedication towards maintaining their top class facilities. It is also a testament to the 
hard work of the entire team. It seems that the award-winning par 73, 6254m Oceânico Old Course is not only the oldest in Vilamoura, it is still the best in the 
opinion of many. If you haven´t played The Old Course yet, then it needs to be on the agenda for this year. Oceânico Group is set to showcase its first rate 
facilities throughout a full calendar of events in 2014/2015, including the 2014 Portugal 
Masters, the Grande Troféu Vilamoura’14 and the Oceânico World Kids Golf Championship’15. 
For more information visit 

Cerro da Vila

Things to do | 18 June 2014

Vilamoura as a resort maybe relatively young but the area has been of some importance for centuries. Evidence of this can be seen at Cerro Da Vila, an archaeological site in the heart of Vilamoura dating back to Roman times. The site is well worth a visit with remains of a Roman villa, bath houses, fish salting tanks, a port area and foundations of a funeral tower. Situated just 100 metres from the Marina, it can be a peaceful escape in the busy summer months.

Opening times 9.30am-12.30am and  2.00pm-6.00pm. Entrance is €3. 

The Old Village Vilamoura

Accommodation | 18 June 2014

The Old Village is an Idyllic location for a peaceful getaway from it all. Popular as a holiday destination with couples and families for many years, the quaint cobbled pathways lead you through a colourful maze of townhouses, restaurants and bars.


The Village is pretty much self contained with a mini supermarket and is a stopping point on both of Vilamoura´s tourist trains, which adds to the convenience. 


People visiting the area generally return year after year, a positive testament to Vilamoura´s most colourful corner. 


If you are staying in the Marina then why not take the tourist train and go exploring the area for yourself.

Return on the train or enjoy the walk, its downhill on the way back and about 20 minutes on foot to the Tivoli Marina hotel. 

Happy 40th Birthday!!

Marina | 01 April 2014


This year Vilamoura Marina celebrates her 40th birthday. Like most 40 year olds, and good wines, our marina continues to improve with age! We are very proud of what is now universally regarded as one of Europe's finest Marina's. 


Vilamoura was the first Marina to be built in Portugal with approval granted in 1970. Eric Lyons and Ivor Cunningham from the UK won the bid for design and construction began. The Marina was ready for use at a turbulent time in Portugal´s history following the 1974 April 25th Revolution.


The original Marina had mooring for 1000 boats. Today it has berths for 825 boats due to some of the original smaller berths being adapted to handle larger vessels.  Berths are supplied with water, electricity, internet and daily refuse collection.


We also have a Boatyard with cranes, workshops and maintenance areas for about 200 boats.

The future plans are even more exciting with the “Lake City Project”. Watch this space!  www.lusort.com/pt/cidade-lacustre