Luxury Cruises Vilamoura

LUXURY CRUISES VILAMOURA offer a range of first class luxury cruise options to suit every group size and type. Our cruises are inclusive of champagne and snacks, we have a RIB onboard to explore the coastline up close. Vilamoura marina is a great place to start and finish your luxury cruise and we would be happy to recommend a restaurant for you.

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Luxury Cruises and Charters

Things to do | 06 May 2016

Algarve Luxury Cruises and Charters

We are here to help you make the very most of your stay in the Algarve. To this point we offer a selection of luxury and basic cruise options. The Algarve is the perfect place to enjoy a Yacht Charter and we have something for every taste and budget. 

Here we list a selection of boats available, we are always adding more cruises and yachts to broaden our services so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for here then drop us an enquiry and we will be sure to get back to you with a charter option.


Luxury Charter Boats in Vilamoura, and the Algarve more broadly, have restrictions of 8-10 passengers generally. This is due to restrictions in the licences here in Portugal. For larger groups we always offer a choice of taking 2 luxury boats or working with one of our activity boat options. These are basic boats but it means that the group need not be split and the price need not be doubled.  Algarve Yacht Charters are numerous and flexible, we are here to help you and guide you to the best choice of charter or cruise for your group. 

Sushi Cruises

Why not upgrade your trip with our amazing Sushi!  Vilamoura sushi cruises are suitable for the sunset cruise in particular. Its a great way to celebrate a special occasion having a sushi cruise at sunset fromt he award winning Vilamoura marina. 

We offer a fine selection of Sushi to make the special occasion even more memorable.   

All Sushi cruises include unlimited wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks and beer. 

Send us your groups size and tell us the occasion and we can build the Sushi Cruise for you!