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Vilamoura World

Marina | 25 September 2015

At a press conference in Vilamoura on the 8th September 2015, Lone Star Funds announced the new vision for Vilamoura. The American equity firm purchased Vilamoura earlier in the year and has ambitious plans to transform Vilamoura into Europe’s leading resort. If the plans weren’t impressive enough then the timescale certainly is, the “vision” is expected to be completed within 5-7 years! At the core of the new plans are 18 projects spread over a 400 hectare site categorised as retail, tourism, housing and leisure. Five new hotels will offer a huge boost to Vilamoura in addition to the revised version of the previous “Cidade Lacustre/Lake City” project. 22 Waves Guide Vilamoura Issue #6 - 2015/16 www.waves.pt VILAMOURA WORLD A key component of the new plans include a €20million “iconic building” at the marina entrance, described as something that will become a part of the brand and be internationally recognized as “Vilamoura”. The “Yacht Club” will incorporate restaurants, commercial space and a gym into the design. The Project represents a huge €1billion investment and although only partially funded by Lone Star, they are very confident that investors will continue to be attracted by this great opportunity. The future of Vilamoura is looking very bright indeed, and we are all looking forward to watching the projects unfold.

Weddings in the Sun

Marina | 23 September 2014

Recently more and more international couples are looking at The Algarve as a venue for their big day.Many factors are an influence with the obvious ones being the sunshine and stunning backdrop, the photo opportunities alone being priceless. 
Weddings in The Algarve prove very memorable as the guests also feel like 
they are on a honeymoon of sorts.Vilamoura is growing in popularity, with locations such as The Thai Beach Club offering wonderful catering and the ocean as a backdrop, then we have Casa do Largo in The Old Village that can plan the 
entire event for you from the horse drawn carriage to the entertainment.

It may seem an expensive option, but in actual fact it can work out to be better 
financially with the average wedding cost in the UK predicted to be £17853 for 2014. 
The exchange rate is also in your favour so why not consider starting married life in 
the most positive way?


photo courtesy of DCPhotography

Happy 40th Birthday!!

Marina | 01 April 2014


This year Vilamoura Marina celebrates her 40th birthday. Like most 40 year olds, and good wines, our marina continues to improve with age! We are very proud of what is now universally regarded as one of Europe's finest Marina's. 


Vilamoura was the first Marina to be built in Portugal with approval granted in 1970. Eric Lyons and Ivor Cunningham from the UK won the bid for design and construction began. The Marina was ready for use at a turbulent time in Portugal´s history following the 1974 April 25th Revolution.


The original Marina had mooring for 1000 boats. Today it has berths for 825 boats due to some of the original smaller berths being adapted to handle larger vessels.  Berths are supplied with water, electricity, internet and daily refuse collection.


We also have a Boatyard with cranes, workshops and maintenance areas for about 200 boats.

The future plans are even more exciting with the “Lake City Project”. Watch this space!  www.lusort.com/pt/cidade-lacustre