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Getting Around

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Vilamoura is on a route running east to west across The Algarve. Timetables can be downloaded from or call (00351) 289389143. Bus stops are dotted around Vilamoura; a good place to head for is just in front of Patacas. There is also a small ticket office next to the Jaffers Supermarket.

Linha Verde

 “The Green Line” is a circular bus route encompassing Quarteira and Vilamoura and offers a convenient way to get around. Click the Green Bus logo for information. Tickets are purchased from the driver approx €0.75/person


There are two taxi ranks in Vilamoura. One is just in front of the Casino. The other one is located in front of Hel´s Kitchen.. Alternatively you can call 00351 917230953 to book one.The operators generally speak English. August is very busy and you can often wait for an hour for a taxi at the ranks so plan in advance.


White Bikes 

Vilamoura has both a mild climate and a flat landscape so it is the ideal place to use bicycles for travelling around.THE PUBLIC BIKES - Fondly referred to as the “White Bikes” are now in their third year and have been a welcome addition to Vilamoura. 
The shared bike system offers pollution free convenience and reduces traffic, not to mention the obvious health benefits in encouraging people to be more active. 
The bicycles are designed exclusively for Vilamoura and are manufactured using materials of the highest quality and safety standards. They were specifically made for ease of handling and convenience.The network covers the whole of Vilamoura, both its business/tourist and residential areas, and the system is designed to allow users to rent bicycles and return them to any station, therefore avoiding the need to go to a central point to collect or return them. There are over 
35 stations spread across Vilamoura with over 200 bikes available for use.
The Public Bikes, operated by Inframoura, are currently available only to property owners and customers of Inframoura. Some hotel receptions may also have cards available for you to use. 
For more information visit the Inframoura office next to the Police station.


Walkers Guide

Vilamoura covers approximately 20km² and walking is a great way to get from place to place. Setting off from the Tivoli Hotel on the Marina it takes approximately: 

20 Minutes to The Old Village
25 Minutes to The Hilton Hotel
15 Minutes to Falesia Beach
30 Minutes to The Tivoli Victoria
10 Minutes to The Police Station
40 Minutes to the EN125


Tourist Trains

There are two companies that operate "tourist trains" in Vilamoura which are a big hit with families and a useful way to explore Vilamoura.  Delgaturis and The Family Golf Park operate the trains. The trains are a great way to get around Vilmaoura, they run on a circuit with various pick up points around Vilamoura. The trains operate generally from March/April to October and more information can be found here: or