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Vilamoura has two stunning beaches each with their own distinct personality. The choice for your beach days is simple, East or West?

Praia da Marina – (Vilamoura Beach) is the most convenient beach to get to located just behind the casino and stretching across towards the Tivoli Marina Hotel. Being the smaller of the two beaches, Vilamoura Beach is the first to fill up during the busy summer months. Vilamoura Beach offers a selection of beach bars and water sports for you to enjoy. These are seasonal and 
many close from mid-September through to spring time.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha - (Falésia Beach) is a little further to walk to depending where you are staying. Located to the West of the Marina entrance, Falésia presents you with a stunning 
stretch of white sand beach spreading over 3km from Vilamoura towards Olhos d’Água. With sandstone cliffs as a wonderful backdrop itmakes for a great beach day experience. The size of the beach means that even in the summer 
months you can find some space to relax and enjoy the sand between your toes. Falésia has a large paying, and free, car park close by so if you are travelling into Vilamoura is the easier option.Falésia also has several beach bars and clubs 
along with showers and toilet facilities. (also seasonal) Both beaches have lifeguards on duty during the summer months and offer sun 
loungers for hire.