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Weddings in Vilamoura more popular than ever. Getting married in Vilamoura is the smart choice. Vilamoura as a Wedding venue has everything.

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Weddings in the Sun

Marina | 23 September 2014

Recently more and more international couples are looking at The Algarve as a venue for their big day.Many factors are an influence with the obvious ones being the sunshine and stunning backdrop, the photo opportunities alone being priceless. 
Weddings in The Algarve prove very memorable as the guests also feel like 
they are on a honeymoon of sorts.Vilamoura is growing in popularity, with locations such as The Thai Beach Club offering wonderful catering and the ocean as a backdrop, then we have Casa do Largo in The Old Village that can plan the 
entire event for you from the horse drawn carriage to the entertainment.

It may seem an expensive option, but in actual fact it can work out to be better 
financially with the average wedding cost in the UK predicted to be £17853 for 2014. 
The exchange rate is also in your favour so why not consider starting married life in 
the most positive way?


photo courtesy of DCPhotography