Vilamoura Events Guide

Vilamoura Events Guide is a list on the Waves website that gives dates and schedules for events in Vilamoura in 2016. The events calendar is assisted by VilamouraWorld and inframoura. Suggestions and additions to the events calendar are very very welcome as we try to promote events in Vilamoura

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Vilamoura Events Guide

Things to do | 29 April 2016

2nd Vilamoura
Eco Half Marathon
14th of May

Heart Race 2016
24th of April

II Vilamoura International
26th of November

II Half Marathon
of Algarve - Vilamoura
27th of November

Equestrian Center
Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
19th of February
to 7th of April

Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
24th of September
to 18th of October

Portugal Masters
(Oceânico Victoria)
20th to 23rd of October

Vilamoura Tennis Academy
Padel Nations Cup in 2016
8/9th of August

Stage 1 of the Algarve
Surf Circuit 2016
- 6/7th of February


Carnival Regatta
9th to 11th of February

15th to 19th of April

Optimistic, Laser
14th of May

Marinas Regattas - ORC Cruise
21/22nd of May

Dom Pedro Hotels Trophy
SB3 Amadeus Cup
23rd to 25th of April

Vilamoura World Trophy -
16th to 19th of June

2016 Optimist
World Championship
25th of June to 4th of July

XII Regatta Commodores -
Cruises ORC
24/25th of September


VTalks Philip Allen - Abu
Dhabi Ocean Racing
- 7th of February

Village Market
- Easter - 25/26th of March
- Summer - August

VTalks Sandra Correia -
- 21st of March

Beach Sports Day
- 7th of May

Algarve Nature Week 2016
- 13th to 15th of May

(Ride of the Dunes)
Algarve Classic Cars 2016
- July

Vilamoura Cycle Chic
- August