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Health and Well-being in Vilamoura

Things to do | 16 April 2015

Vilamoura is simply the perfect place to improve your health and quality of life. It’s the place where there are no longer any excuses to put off getting in shape. The obvious motivator is the weather which encourages even the most stubborn couch potato to get up and go for a stroll, but we also have an amazing array of facilities right here on our doorstep. Vilamoura is a hugely popular winter training ground with northern European countries in particular. We see a wide variety of sports people here including running clubs, football teams, cycling teams, and many professional, even national, rugby teams. Cycling, jogging and walking are excellent ways to explore Vilamoura. On your journey you will also discover a series of exercise stations that have been provided with guidelines on how to use them. Some of the stations also have water fountains to top up the tank on those warmer summer days. Vilamoura continues to promote health and wellbeing through a comprehensive calendar of events each year, the newest event being the “Eco-Marathon” which was held at the beginning of March 2015. The Eco-Marathon offered a series of events the main ones being the 10km run and the 21km half marathon. With over 1000 participants at the inaugural event we are sure to see this become an annual fixture and grow year on year. Let’s not forget that in addition to the above, we have a fantastic tennis academy, equestrian centre, swimming facilities, golf and the world class 7spa to wind down after it all. For more information on upcoming events just pop into the Inframoura office.