Covid19 Cleaning Disinfection Service

COVID19 CORONA VIRUS DISINFECTION Professional cleaning and bacterial disinfection services in the Algarve. Bacterial protection services commercial and domestic.

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Covid19 Corona Virus Protection for home and businesess

Disinfection Services Algarve

Disinfection and anti bacterial surface protection has become a new normal and an essential tool in protecting employees, reassuring clients and of course on a domestic front. sheilding the ones we love. offer a cleaning solution for every aspect of your lifestyle with the highest levels of defence against Covid19 and Corona Virus using some of the best products on the market applied by a professional team. 

Algarve Disinfection Services offered by clean19 can be shaped to every specific need and flexed to your schedule and budget. Clean19 are a 24 hour company and can offer nocturnal night cleaning and disinfection services to allow uninterupted operation of your business. 

Rental properties in particular benfit from the clean19 seal of approval as a way to ressure clients holidaying in the Algarve.

Disinfection services are also a huge boost for companies such as car rental companies, airport transfers and public transport services. Essentially if you have a business dealing with members of the public then it is time to consider the services of Clean19.


Protect Employees.

Sheild Family and Loved Ones.

Reassure Clients



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